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The College Equestrian is dedicated to bringing you to college Equestrian both NCAA, IHSA and everything in between. The site has just released the first version of the new college Equestrian search tool. There are more advance features to come but please take a few minutes and check out the new search page and as always if you have corrections, updates, or new schools to add please submit them. Please fill the submission form out as complete as possible. As always thank you for your support.

Collecting College and University Equestrain Program Information

College Equestrian program information and submissions are very important to our site and we always are putting a great deal of effort towards expanding the college Equestrian profiles to ensure you are able to find the program that fits your needs. Please if you do know of a college with an Equestrian program, team or club contact us or fill out a Equestrian school submission form. Having your college equestrian profile information on this site could bring future team members to your program.

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